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How to purchase?

    We currently did not accept PayPal and credit card on line. Therefore, we do it traditional way, the process of purchasing will be as follows:

  1. Browse our online single stone and jewelry catalogue.

  2. Email us your favorite piece and specify the product code including ring size in case of ring, and also give us your shipping address.

  3. In case that you can't find what you are looking for in our website, please write us an inquiry to

  4. We then arrange the goods and send you the proforma invoice along with picture of the goods

  5. After you have received the proforma invoice, confirm the correctness, you then may remit us by telegraphic transfer the amount specified in invoice then our bank is:

    "Bangkok Bank Public co.,ltd., Silom branch. Banrak, Bangkok, Thailand
    Account name - C.N.THAI & SONS CO.,LTD. ACCOUNT NO.1183208394 SWB code: BKKB TH BK"

  6. After we have received the payment, we will ship the goods immediately by FedEx or EMS, and they will arrive you within one week. (It will take 2-3 weeks for jewelry production if it is out of stock)

  7. In case of wholesale, please write us an inquiry to and give us detail about shape, size, color, grade, price range, cut, and quantity (pieces or carats)


  • We won't accept any order less than US$150, since it is not worth transportation cost and bank fee.

  • US$25 shipping cost will be charged for order more than US$200 but less than US$500.

  • Shipping charge will be waived for order larger than US$500.

  • Guarantee all stones are natural. Full unconditional refund if they are not consistent with what we declare.

35 Mahaesak Road, Soi 3
Bangrak, Bangkok 10500, THAILAND.
Tel: (662) 266-4411, 266-4415
Fax: (662) 266-4412 Mobile: (661) 344-2220


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