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How to choose gemstone?

    There are many factors that we should consider before we buy a precious or semi- precious stones, such as:

  1. Color - Normally, the more intense the color, the better the quality of gemstone. For instance, Nice blue sapphire should be intense blue, but not greenish.

  2. Clarity - Good quality stone should not have any visible inclusions or cracks, the stone should be transparent not translucent nor opaque.

  3. Luster - How sparkling the stone, the better cutting and clarity, the better the fire of gemstone.

  4. Shape - There are many shapes, and you should choose the one you like most: Oval, Round, Marquise, Heart-shape, Pear shape, Trillion, etc.

  5. Carat - Normally, the higher the weight, higher the value for the same quality stones.

  6. Natural - The most important factor, the loose stone should be inspected by experienced gemologist. Honest gem dealers will always not try to mislead, and sincerely reveal if the stones are treated (enhanced).

Birthstone by Day

Day Gemstone color Gemstone
Sunday Red color Ruby, Red Spinel, Garnet, Rubellite
Monday Yellow color Yellow Sapphire, Yellow Topaz, Critine
Tuesday Pink color Pink Sapphire, Pink diamond
Wednesday Green color Green Garnet, Emerald, Jade
Thursday Orange color Garnet, Fire opal
Friday Blue color Blue sapphire, Blue Topaz, Aquamarine
Saturday Violet or black color Amethyst, Violet sapphire, Black sapphire

Birthstone by Month

Month Birthstone Auspicious
January Garnet (All colors) For good health
Febrary Amethyst Sincerity
March Aquamarine Beauty and honesty
April Diamond and White Topaz Symbol of Fortune and Treasure
May Emerald Faithfull, and Courage
June Pearl Innocence and long life
July Ruby Success and Sacrifice
August Peridot Fame
September Sapphire (All colors) Love and Compassion
October Opal Happiness and fulfillment
November Yellow Topaz, Yellow Zircon Luck and Friendship
December Turquoise Wealth

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